As is our habit with every wedding on unfamiliar ground, we headed up to Renmark the day before. Driving straight through Renmark, we continued on to Bunyip Reach, to meet with Ryan, Jo and their families. Driving over cattle grids, through dusty fields along a 2km driveway, we rounded one final bend to be greeted by an oasis – a beautiful homestead perched atop the banks of the Mighty Murray River, drifting by slowly in the background. We were equally excited and gobsmacked. Over a cold beer, we were given a tour of the property, got a bit of a handle on the lay of the land and gathered a few location ideas.

The entire wedding day was just brilliant, so much love and fun. Bloody hot, but that just made the beer and bubbles even better for everyone, I think.

Jo and Ryan made themselves all pretty on the property – Ryan beyond the Orchard, in the Cottage with the fellas and Jo in the Homestead not far away, on the hilltop overlooking the Might Murray River. We wandered between the two houses throughout the morning, grabbing an apple off the tree in the garden as we went, feeling very blessed to be there documenting it all.

Grandad’s vintage ute was recommissioned for the day, after a lengthy restoration by a local mechanic. Apparently it had been driven into the old barn one day, 30 or 40 years ago and left to gather cobwebs, then a few years ago Jo’s Uncle walked in, tipped a little fuel into the tank, cranked the handle and it started first time. Mark got a little excited about the prospect of having the car rebuilt for the wedding day, taking restoration to the extreme.

Someone also organised a blood moon eclipse kinda thing for us too, which was very kind.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me, over to the pictures.