18 Nov Truthfilms – Short Wedding Films

Truthfilms are 5 to 8 minute short wedding films, captured hand-held, on the go, just the way we shoot our stills photography.

Truthfilms are designed to record the candour and reality of your wedding day with moving imagery, but without bells or whistles.

Truthfilms are captured using small, unobtrusive state-of-the-art equipment that helps keep the shooter free to run around easily, to get in amongst all the action.

What we offer is a fast-paced re-telling of your wedding day, capturing the snippets and flashes of veracity, brilliance, joy, laughter, love, tears and celebration. This product is currently only available for couples choosing to use Luke Simon Photography for their Wedding Photography also.

Truthfilms are not a chapter by chapter account of your wedding day shot in a cinematic way with sliders or glide-cams, although there is most certainly a place in the industry for these longer, cinematic style wedding films. If you think you are looking for this style, then get in touch and we can certainly point you in the right direction.

This film below of Steph and Matt’s wedding at Bird In Hand Winery in the Adelaide Hills, was shot by Solomon, who we have been working closely with to craft the films into just what we were after. We hope you like it and there will be more coming soon.